Make Your Own Wooden Surfboard Workshop

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Workshop "handcrafted wooden surfboards" in Naujac


Dydh da!

we had big flights of geese and cranes passing above us from the south last week. good sign that the winter is over soon! i'm sure a few of you migrated south for the winter as well.
here in cornwall half the surfing population seemed to have been somewhere warm over the winter... but the buzz is slowly coming back now.

the year kicked of for me with a few one to one workshops in my studio near perranporth and a three day workshop in munich 2 weeks ago.


next workshops are two weeklong sessions on the atlantic coast near lacanau:

25-31march 2017 - carcans plage/france

23-30april2017 - le pin sec plage/france

both courses do include the glassing of the boards with entropy resin and hopefully lots of surfing before, after and in between the board build. for more information about these events get in touch!



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